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Once you Completed the Training offered by TCB and continuous evaluation successfully, you are now ready for writing the Examination.

This examination is closed book.

• A clean copy of ISO 9001 and a bilingual dictionary are the only items permitted for reference.
• Electronic devices, including laptops and mobile phones, are not permitted into the examination room. Exceptions may be granted to learners with special needs. Any such arrangement must be with the prior written agreement of the Approved Training Partner and shall include a record of appropriate precautions that will be taken to ensure the fairness and security of the examination process and examination questions.

Information for learners

The examination paper is in four sections. Attempt all sections and all questions.

The time allowed is two hours. There is no additional time allowed for reading the examination paper.
90 marks are available.

To pass you must achieve at least 63 marks (70%), and you must achieve at least 50% in each of the four sections. The maximum marks for each question, or part of a question, are shown in brackets.

Your answers must be written on the space provided

All references to ISO 9001 refer to the latest issue.

Examination technique

Time management is very important in the examination. For guidance, the average time available is:

a) Reading the examination instructions – five minutes
b) Section one – fifteen minutes
c) Section two – twenty minutes
d) Section three – forty minutes
e) Section four – forty minutes
Total time available – two hours (120 minutes)

Allow enough time to read each question properly. Make sure you understand what is being asked for before starting to write your answer.

Where appropriate, the action verb that indicates the depth of answer required by the question – explain, list, describe – is printed in bold. You should ensure you understand the meaning of these terms (see below). Full marks will not be awarded for a list if an explanation is required. Conversely, it is a waste of time to provide a detailed explanation if the question asks for a list.
CQI and IRCA Exam paper QMS 1, September 2021.

Amended for use on certified course 1992 operated by TCB Cert.Worldwide LLC

Action verb Meaning
describe : depict in words
explain : give a clear account of
outline : give the most important features of (less depth than explain or describe)
briefly :using few words or without giving a lot of details

give : provide without explanation (used normally with the instruction to ‘give an example (or examples) of ….’)

list: provide a list without explanation (bullet points)
identify : select and name
define : provide a generally recognised or accepted definition
state : a less demanding form of ‘define’ or where there is no generally recognised definition
prepare : make (something) ready for use or consideration
support :strengthen, substantiate, back up, give weight to

Online Examination Process : 

For online exams we are using a state of art software “Classmarker”

  1. On the day of the exam you will receive a link to the examination with the password. Click the link and the question paper will open in a web browser and you are advised to put the password to open the question paper.
  2. Write your name and email address correctly.

Please note will be entitled to 30 minutes of extra time if your first language is not English.

The site will become unavailable and your question submitted automatically after the expiry of the examination duration. Try to complete the exam within the allotted time.

One question will appear on one page, once you answer,  then only you can move to the next page. If you wish to move to the next question without answering a particular question, you can just put a “?” and bookmark the page to come back again when you finish the subsequent sections.

You can always come back to the previous questions and improve your answer once the entire question paper is answered.

Once done you have to choose the “submit  ” button for the final submission of your answer sheet after that you will not be able to access it any longer.

Please note, once the answer paper is submitted, the system will show your score is “zero” as the question paper will be manually marked.

Charge Break up

  1. Class Marker  Third-party Software Fees
  2. Tutor/Markers Fees
  3. Administrative Charges
  4. Digital Certificate and Badge fees Third party Software -Accredible (Complimentary)


You will receive the following certificates in electronic format.

  1. Certificate of Achivement by TCB Cert.Worldwide LLC with CQI/IRCA Logo as an IRCA Approved Training partner
  2. Certificate of Proficiency by TCB Cert.Worldwide LLC with IACET USA Logo and Continuous Education Unit CEU 4.0 as an IACET USA Accredited Provider
  3. Digital Certificate and Electonic Badge with your Name. The digital Certificate can be embedded in your social profile and network such as LinkedIn , Facebook , Twitter, etc

For a hard copy of the printed certificates, courier charges at actual shall be applied as follows. We use FedEx, DHL or ARAMEX

Middle East /India: USD 30

Europe/USA/Far East: USD 40

Wish You Good Luck and Great Sucess

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