Accelerated Learning for Tutors

Become a World-class Facilitator for learning. Make learning Fun.

Day 1: 8 Hours (09 am-5 pm)

Course Content

  1. Ice breaker
  2. Creating a Learning Environment
  3. Take a short Tutoring Session on the subject you teach 15 Minutes duration-Using your Current Training Methods
  4. A Sample Class Taken by your Leaning Facilitator -7 QMS Principles -a whole New Concept
  5. Multiple Intelligence
  6. Multiple Intelligence Test
  7. Learning Cycle

Day 2: 8 Hours (09 am-5 pm)

  1. Theory of Rhetoric
  2. Training Methods
  3. Training tools
  4. Setting Learning Goals and Objectives
  5. Assessment  Learning Outcome and Achievement of Learners
  6. Help weak learning
  7. Practice Teaching-Teach the same  Sample Session Class 15 Minutes duration-Using AL Training Methods

Delegates Feedback, Certification and Wrap up.


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