Contribution to Social Cause

Corporate Social Responsibility


TCB promotes quality, safety and awareness on environment and its protection by its service which includes training, inspection and audit of management system.

We are committed to create value for our customers and stakeholders and demonstrate transparent commitment towards our social responsibilities as a part of our corporate activities. We get involved in the fields of education, art and culture, science, quality, safety and the environmental protection.

We have well established sponsorship criteria for sponsoring programs that create social values. Some of the events sponsored by TCB includes:

  • Promoting and engaging in activities protecting life and environment.
  • Felicitation of the best students and the teachers of leading schools for their outstanding performance.
  • Supporting the apolitical organizations and trusts dedicated for support to students with weak financial capability.
  • Organize and sponsor seminars on business excellence through quality, safety.
  • Sponsor event/seminars on World Quality Day & World Environment Day.
  • Inter – school quiz contest and science exhibitions that uplift educational standards.
  • Support victims and effected people due to natural calamities and disaster.
  • Promoting institution dedicated for engineering excellence, and promoting engineering science, health and safety and environmental.